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Reality Workplace Ethics: Motivate & Educate Adults

Reality Workplace Ethics is set against against a backdrop of adults' real life and work, where family needs and priorities must be balanced with work.  Cultural diversity is built into each story through characters of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Reality Workplace Ethics contains 8 lessons, with 20 student copies of each issues. An Instructor's Guide is provided with each issue. The Instructor's Guides come as PDF files on a CD, so you may print as many copies as you like.

Comprehensive Instructor's Guide for Every Issue
This comprehensive tool makes Reality easy to use, with no preparation necessary. The Instructor's Guide is packed with materials to expand and enhance the lessons in each "newspaper". Each Instructor's Guide contains the following:

  • 3 supplemental activities thoughtfully integrated with English, math, social studies or science
  • 1 transparency master
  • Suggestions and recommendations for teaching, including:
    • Performance-based standards
    • Generic evaluation system

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