Multimedia Specialist
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“I use my imagination and technology to create interesting advertisements, videos, films, websites, business presentations, and other types of communication. It's my job to inform, educate, and entertain people in a way that captures their attention.”

Multimedia Specialist

Multimedia Specialists tend to have the following characteristics:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Computer literacy
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Ability to work alone and as part of a team
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Appreciation of the roles of other types of specialists

Education Required:

Associate's degree in computer science, software engineering, or multimedia technology

Suggested Courses:

English, communications, math, art and design, music, graphic design, computer applications, marketing

Career Information
What I do every day

At the beginning of a multimedia project, such as a video game, CD, DVD, or television production, I meet with clients to discuss their goals and recommend ideas for their approval. After an idea is approved, I use computer software to create a design for the project. I work with a team of artists, musicians, sound engineers, and other specialists to complete the project. The design for a multimedia project includes a combination of video, sound tracks, text, photographs, and other images.

Setting up, maintaining, and operating video cameras and other equipment is an important part of my job. I use digital photography and computer software to assemble videos, sounds, special effects, and text so that all of the different types of media work together.

Some multimedia specialists create websites. They build web pages using digital images, animations, texts, and colors. They also use computer languages to write programs for the web pages. Other multimedia specialists work for large corporations where projects include everything from designing brochures to planning exhibits for trade shows. Many multimedia specialists enjoy working in the entertainment industry, where they help make movies and music videos.

The best part of my job

I get to use all of the newest software programs to create beautiful images and presentations. I enjoy meeting and working with a variety of interesting people. When a project is complete, it's awesome to watch the finished product. It really makes me proud.

The worst part of my job

Keeping up with all of the new technology is hard; there seems to be something new to learn every day. Sometimes deadlines are difficult to keep because the clients are in a hurry for a project to be completed.