Dishonesty at Work

If you clicked “X’s and “O’s” as shown below, you know the difference between stealing from the employer and appropriate use of company items.


1.      X

2.      O

3.      X

Business Office

4.      X

5.      O

6.      X

Movie Theater

7.      X

8.      X

9.      X


10.  X

11.  O

12.  X

Clothing Store

13.  X

14.  O

15.  X

Drug Store

16.  X

17.  X

18.  X

All the answers must be completed first!
at Work

Every year in the U.S. people who consider themselves “honest” steal millions of dollars in goods and services from their employers. In most cases, employees don’t think twice about taking small items like Post-It Notes™ or pens. But taking unauthorized items is the same as stealing and lowers a company’s profits.

Most workplace dishonesty occurs when employees lie, steal, or behave in other unethical ways. One student was fired from her part-time job when she rang up one pair of jeans for her boyfriend, but bagged two pairs for him. Look at the following workplaces and click an “X” if an employee who takes the item for personal use would be stealing and an “O” if the employee would not be stealing.

  • Restaurant

    1. Bottle of water from customer refrigerator

    2. Paper cup of tap water

    3. Package of paper plates

  • Business Office

    4. One package of Post-It™ notes

    5. Felt-tip pen for company work you’ll do at home

    6. Using company credit card for personal gas

  • Movie Theater

    7. Candy bar

    8. Letting a family member into a movie without paying

    9. Running past break time to answer a text message

  • Hospital

    10. Arm sling from the inventory closet

    11. Band-Aid™ from employee lounge

    12. Unopened aspirin from the pharmacy

  • Clothing Store

    13. Using your discount for a friend’s purchase

    14. Taking home discarded clothes hangers

    15. Hiding from customers a full-priced item you’ll buy at discount

  • Drugstore

    16. This week’s issue of a celebrity magazine

    17. A package of candy

    18. Punching in the wrong start time for work

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