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  • Dear Rory,

    Last night, I went to a career fair to talk with employers about jobs. Before I left work, I made several copies of my résumé to take with me. My boss looked at me funny when I walked out the door. Did I do anything wrong?

    Dear Worried,

    Did you ask your boss for permission? If not, keep your hands off the copier. Each business has its own policy about making personal copies. Ask what it is.
  • Dear Rory,

    A person I work with is really nice, and I like him. The problem is he comes to work late sometimes because he has to drop his daughter off at school. He asks me to punch his time card so he won’t get in trouble for being late. What should I do?

    Willing to Help
    Dear Willing to Help,

    You both could get fired because he is stealing time from your company and you are being dishonest. Tell your friend to talk with your boss and work out a compromise. Maybe he could stay after work to make up the time.
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