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Pizza Predicament

No answers are required for the opening story.

All the answers must be completed first!
  • Ryan
    “Hey, Mateo,” yells Ryan as he walks into the math room. “Did you hear about the skateboard park they’re building in town?”
    Mateo pumps his fist and shouts excitedly, “Awesome! When? I need some new challenges with my board.”
    “My brother said the park’s supposed to be ready by summer. He heard it will have amazing ramps and rails."
    Later that afternoon, Mateo and Ryan meet their friends Kaden and Lily at Carlo’s Pizza, where Zoe works. Above the noise, Mateo shouts, “Hey, Zoe, did you hear about the new skateboard park that’s coming to town? I’m going to conquer it! Bring us a large pepperoni in a hurry. I have to get to work.”
  • Kaden
    Ten minutes later, Zoe brings out a large pepperoni pizza, four drinks, and the check. “Whose check is that, Zoe?” teases Kaden. “You aren’t going to make us pay, are you? Your boss isn’t around, so he’ll never know.”
    “Look, Kaden, you’re not funny. If you want this pizza, you have to pay for it,” snaps Zoe, who is rushed with customers. “If you are really my friend, you won’t ask that, even if you don’t mean it. I could get in a lot of trouble if I give you a free pizza. That’s the same as stealing. I could lose my job.”
    “Zoe, what’s your problem?” jokes Ryan. “It’s not like we’re asking you to commit murder. We’re only talking about one little pizza. What’s the big deal?”
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