Automotive Body
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Career Vocabulary

clearcoat (also known as topcoat) – one or more coats of transparent (clear) automotive paint; gives vehicles their gloss

Crash Estimating Guide (Crash Book) – a manual containing prices of specific car parts and the average time it takes to replace and install each part

deductible – the amount of a repair bill that is paid by the owner of the car before insurance payments begin

estimate – the amount a technician believes a repair job will cost based on industry guidelines

Kelly Blue Book – a guide to the value of used cars; values in this guide are accepted by insurance companies, car dealers, and repair shops

oxidation – rust

paint matching, tinting, blending – techniques that guarantee there is no noticeable color difference between the newly repaired parts and the parts that did not need to be repaired

pigment – a colored substance used to make paints and dyes; several pigments are blended together to create different colors for paint

primer – an adhesive undercoat that acts as a "glue" between the body of the car and the paint

R & I (remove and install) – a term that refers to the time and cost of removing an old car part and installing a new one

salvage value – the amount a salvage yard (scrap yard) will pay for a damaged vehicle; used to determine whether a vehicle is “totaled” or not

sectioning – a repair method in which only a portion of a damaged panel is replaced

total loss – the term that describes a car that would cost more to repair than the car is worth