Automotive Body
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Writing for Work

The most enjoyable part of the job for many automobile body repair technicians is working with their hands to make cars beautiful. However, they must also use their hands to create estimates, bids, quotes, letters to insurance companies, applications and resumes. One important type of document you will write is a letter introducing yourself to potential employers. The contents of a typical letter is shown below.

Your Name
3435 Main Street
Cartown, PA 15242

Bob Pulaski Acme Auto Body Repair
77 Central Avenue
Steeltown, WA 94643

Dear Mr. Pulaski:

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and explain why you're writing the letter.

Paragraph 2: Briefly summarize your work experience and qualifications. (Make the information up as needed.)

Paragraph 3: Discuss the high quality of your work, your customer service skills, and your work ethic. Give examples.

Paragraph 4: Mention that you will call to follow up.