Automotive Body
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Challenge Activity – Math
What's The Damage?

Estimates would vary widely if auto body repair technicians didn’t have a standard source for determining parts prices and damage repair fees. Crash Book is a short name for Crash Estimating Guide, a book that helps auto body technicians estimate the cost of repair work.

Activity 1: Injured Body Parts

A few days ago, Jim Parker's car hydroplaned during a storm and hit a tree on the side of the road. Before the accident, his car was in good condition and had 118,000 miles on it. Now, the car might be totaled. You've made a thorough inspection of Jim's car and noted the following damages.

  • Front bumper needs to be replaced
  • One front headlamp must be replaced
  • Driver side airbag needs to be replaced
  • Wheels need to be realigned

To prepare an estimate of the damage to Jim's car, you look in the Crash Book to find the prices of the parts and labor that will be needed.

The prices of Jim's car parts from the Crash Book are shown below. What is the total cost to repair the car?

Headlamp assembly$110.00
Front bumper$550.00
Air bag module$1400.50
Airbag front sensor$305.50
Airbag arming sensor$305.50
Cost for parts

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