Automotive Body
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1. If six ounces of paint contain 190.6 grams, how many grams are in one ounce?

a. 31.8 gm

b. 28.2 gm

c. 3.18 gm

d. 2.8 gm

2. If six ounces of Bright W paint contains 2.3 gm of pigment, what percent of pigment does it contain?

a. 23%

b. 38.3%

c. 26.1%

d. 2.3%

3. Which of the following will not damage an automobile’s paint?

a. sunlight

b. a rough sponge

c. hail

d. food

4. When paint is scraped or chipped off a car and the bare metal is exposed to rain or moisture, what process occurs?

a. acid

b. affectation

c. oxidation

d. an organized grouping of information

5. What environmental problem can dissolve an automobile’s paint?

a. sunlight

b. acid rain

c. erosion

d. affection

6. Which of the following insurance covers only the expenses of a car’s repairs after an accident and does not cover injuries sustained in an accident?

a. comprehensive

b. collision

c. deductible

d. none of these choices

7. A letter of introduction to prospective employees should include all but which of the following

a. a brief summary of your skills

b. an example of a major repair you’ve done

c. a brief description of your appearance

d. a reference to your excellent customer service skills

8. What are Direct Repair Facilities?

a. auto body shops owned by insurance companies

b. auto body shops owned by state governments

c. auto body shops owned by individuals under contract to state governments

d. none of these choices

9. What is one argument against Direct Repair Facilities?

a. they could choose which customers to serve first

b. they could refuse to serve some customers

c. they could lead to price fixing

d. none of these choices

10. Composite Recycle Technology does which of the following?

a. turns plastic bottles into car parts

b. takes materials from landfills, sanitizes them and uses them in automobiles

c. removes nylon from car radiators for other uses

d. none of these choices